Casey Fisher - Founder of Haute House Home
Haute House Home Designer and Founder

Haute House Home
designer, Casey Fisher, was born to adorn. While some people inherit hazel eyes and spindly gams, he inherited a passion for design. Crediting his mother for teaching him how to macramé, sew, knit, and decorate at a young age, Fisher started cutting sample swatches at the upholstery shop his family owned and operated in San Francisco. From there he mastered the many different layers that go into making a superior product including structure, scale, and silhouette.

It wasn’t until his apprenticeship with a top designer that he began to comprehend the importance of quality materials, placement, texture, tone, and craftsmanship. Haute House was a natural progression after Fisher spent many years slaving away to the corporate world as a lead designer for several top furniture companies. Knowing people in the industry, he had access to the design libraries at the movie studios, which allowed him to draw inspiration from old set designs. He also incorporated elements of his mother’s Mediterranean nouveau style in to many of his visions.

Fisher felt an intense urge to create a product that was fabulous and modern but also paid tribute to the glamorous golden days of Hollywood. He was adamant that his furniture would be able to withstand the test of time without being pretentious and he continues to push limits with his cutting edge designs. Haute House is a forward leaning company that strives to reinvent the golden era of Hollywood through a modern perspective.

Because interior design is the foundation of individual style, Casey Fisher wants to take the guesswork out of furniture shopping. Home is the place you should feel most comfortable. When you walk into the new Haute House showroom, he hopes you feel like you've finally come home.

Harry Marshall - Founder of Haute House Home
Haute House Home CFO

Harry Marshall is not just the CFO of Haute House Home; he is the HR department, the Customer Service Rep, and the tier up of loose ends. To say he is a workhorse is quite the understatement. Born and raised in Arizona, Harry has always had a cowboy mentality and work ethic.

Before he hopped on the Haute House bandwagon, he spent thirty years working in the entertainment industry, managing contracts and supplying goods and services to the studios. Despite the lofty title, Harry was still a Cog in the Wheel.

Harry was a silent partner at Haute House from day one. Once Haute House began to gain serious momentum in 2006, Harry decided to leave his entertainment industry career behind. Haute House was on the incline and designer Casey Fisher needed help managing the finances and calling the shots.

Although Harry had years of relevant experience managing money, cutting costs, and organizing, he had to learn the complete manufacturing process from the ground up.  Crediting his work ethic to good genes and a strong support system, Harry devotes all of his energy to making Haute-House bigger and better. Not only has the Haute-House dream expanded since the fire in 2011, but their manufacturing warehouse has also increased in size. In addition, they now have a retail showroom that has its own parking lot and a street view. No matter how big Haute-House becomes, Harry is adamant that the company always maintain their “Made in the US” brand. Eventually, Harry would like to see Haute House open other showrooms nationwide.

While Casey Fisher is the creative genius behind Haute-House, Harry is the details-man. Like his favorite Hollywood Starlet, Katherine Hepburn, Harry has a relentless energy and enthusiasm for life. Harry Marshall grabbed Haute-House by the reigns and continues to steer her in the right direction.